Growing Pains #001

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Growing Pains is a coming of age story about (Tyler Kirk) growing without his father in his life. Soon into Tyler's life, his father is taken from him, now Tyler goes on a journey to get justice for his father, while being obsessed with not becoming his father.

Features the following creators.

Writer & Creator - Keith Frederick Robinson
Artists - (Chapter 1) Omaik, Rocio Camacho, Matias Festa,
(Chapter 2) Rodolfo Buscaglia, Horvath Henrik, Giuseppa Pica, (Chapter 3) Jethro Morales, Simon Wright.

Edited by Ray Ramos with letters by Wilson Ramos JR.

So check out some pages from the book on my Deviant Art.

The book is $1.00 for 36 pages of full color goodness.

Seem cheap? It is, initially it was going to be $5 cover price, then the cover price went $4.00, but because I printed so many (first self published book), I'm doing $1.00 to try and get rid of them.